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Bitaxe BM1397 and Bitaxe Ultra BM1366

Both the original Bitaxe and the Bitaxe Ultra are products in an early development stage.

The versions that have been tested are the initial ones for each of the products, so their firmware is in constant development and evolution.

Specifically, we are using the first version of the firmware that includes the Node.js library, which enables the web configuration and monitoring interface.

It's worth noting that this interface is really intuitive and easy to use. However, the monitoring functions are useful for connecting at specific moments, as high memory loads are detected in the ESP32 if the web page is constantly kept open in the browser (which can cause the ESP32 to restart or fail).

Regarding performance, as can be seen in the image below, the original Bitaxe (BM1397) achieves a hashrate of approximately 250~300GH/s, and the Bitaxe Ultra (BM1366) reaches 400~440GH/s. Considering that both have similar power consumption, around 11W to 12W, this results in an efficiency difference of about 33W/Th for the original Bitaxe to 22W/Th for the Bitaxe Ultra.


bitaxe_102     bitaxe_200

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